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Naming Process

Step 1


To get to a full naming brief, we interview key employees, review company and product information, conduct online market and competitive analysis to fully understand the opportunity, key audiences and desired attributes. Included in the brief are practical considerations such as name length, URL preferences, a recommendation on how descriptive or evocative the name should be, and two to three important qualities to convey.

We use the why, what, how method:

  • Why your company exists: vision.

  • What your company does: mission.

  • How you do what you do: values.

  • What is it about your company that makes your product or service stand out: differentiation.

Step 2


With naming objectives fully stated, the creativity begins.  Some ideas are descriptive, some more figurative, and others entirely abstract. Naming can be descriptive, suggestive, metaphorical, neologic, or arbitrary.  Combined words, made-up words and an intelligent play on words with recognizable or suggestive associations are all possibilities.  We try not to censor ourselves during the phase, because sometimes an impractical idea can lead to a viable one. This process yields hundreds of name ideas, all responsive to the brief, but in many unique ways.  Now, the narrowing process can begin.

Step 3


The names that make it through this step in the process should be the ones that best meet the criteria in the brief, that are easiest to say and spell, and most importantly, can actually be protected and owned. A brand name is a valuable asset, driving differentiation, and creating recognition.

The right name is the foundation of a brand and in my experience the toughest part of the process. This initial decision sets the tone for how you will shape your corporate personality and the way you deliver your message.  We narrow down name finalists by first evaluating them against the criteria in the brief, then by screening them through Google, USPTO, and URL searches.

From here, a final screen is made down to ten candidates that appear to have low risk of a trademark conflict.

Step 4


Ultimately, you don’t need a list of names – you need one.  The naming presentation will revisit the naming brief and involve a discussion of the name ideas.  The strongest brand names are grounded in strategy and support future growth.   We will present the ten names and rationale behind each name.

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