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Formulate is a naming studio with a meticulous brand development process for companies who want to innovate and secure an enduring place in the hearts and minds of customers. A great name is the foundation of a successful brand or product, and we are "nameoligists," with a penchant for brainstorming words and honing concepts.

Highlighted Naming Projects

We come up with brand names, taglines, slogans, and product names. Some are top secret, but here are a few we can share.


Powering automation, so you can do more of what you love.

“CityGrin Orthodontics”

One smile leads to another, and our city grins.




Really easy investing. Venchuer for a better world.

Award-Winning Branding Agency

Naming & Branding Services

Formulate provides strategic and creative services needed for brand success.

Names & Taglines

Secure an enduring place in the world and convey the authenticity crucial to your brand.

Naming Process

To encapsulate your brand in a nutshell and illicit a story takes meticulous planning. Find out how turn brainstroming into results.

Trademark Screens

A successful name requires trademark screening and url planning.

find the perfect brand or product name with formulate.
“Our brand as a whole was modernized thanks to Formulate.”
Barrett Stapelman
Founder & CEO, Jackalope
“We've been complimented on the clarity and succinctness of our message”
Alternative Investment Boutique

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